do you

heart just never seems to stop
beating fast when I see you from a distance
I love to see you smile
its so perfect
your smile is so perfect that always shines mine
they cheer me up even when Im deadly depressed
do you ever think?
someone misses you
ever thought that it was me
I know
I will never be the one that you will pick from
do you even know?
I cry myself to sleep
jealous over something dumb to you
its nothing but you wont know the feeling deep inside
and I, will never leave you alone
Im not, like the others
where they come and go
and I, will always be there for you
even when I know youll never love me back
take my hands with you and youll know then
how important you are really to me
do you know that I always think about you
do you ever do the same when you are alone at night
do you know I have?
remember every scenes
cherish every moment that we spent
youre so hard to get and so hard to forget
do you sometimes feel?
all things Ive done for you
every time I stare into your eyes
it gives me this feeling that no one ever can give
do you know that I
wished upon the stars
wish that they will protect you and will let you find your true love
that will love you forever
hope youre always happy thats enough for me to see you smile


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